Since a young age, I have always been fascinated and drawn to words. How people use them, write them and express them. The power they hold. The emotion they are able to evoke in people.

My curiosity and love for words eventually lead me here- living in Toronto in my early twenties, completing my final year of journalism at Ryerson University. As mentioned, I am currently living in Florence, Italy for a few months finishing off my degree with an internship credit. I look forward to giving you a glimpse of my love affair with the city of Florence, along with sharing some of my adventures and discoveries in Italy while abroad on here with you.

On my blog I am vulnerable, and aim to be uncensored and honest in hopes that someone reading these posts can relate. I have also become quite passionate about writing my own struggles with mental health in hopes that one day the silence and stigma still heavily surrounding mental illness will be broken.

Alongside mental health, you can find my words on topicsĀ I am passionate about (which are many) but includes femininity, travel and spirituality. I’m hoping you can find some inspiration here for living a more aligned, intentional life.

Thanks for visiting my site, and taking the time to read my words.